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Free Live share prices

As part of you subscription to Simply Chart you will automatically qualify for FREE Premier access to MoneyAM's website, normally worth 55+vat a year!

Your Bonus Premier Level includes

REAL TIME streaming UK share prices. No charge! No delay! Fully customisable watch lists of your favourite stocks. Create multiple lists of stocks and watch their prices LIVE, see the changes in mid, bid and offer, see all trades as they happen and see the ratio of buys and sells.

Single stock quotes
Get a LIVE streamed quote n any Listed UK stock together with intraday and 1 year historic charts, company fundamentals snapshot, recent news headlines and bulletin board comment.

A valuable tool for watching the time and sales of each stock LIVE. Look for buying or selling patterns, see if any conditions have been attached.

Live Market News
Breaking news and views from the MoneyAM team as well as the renowned RNS and AFX news services.

Intraday and 5 year historic charts with overlays and indicators.

Our comprehensive portfolio service lets you monitor your stock holdings with current values, tables, cash positions etc.

Market Scan
Your LIVE eye on the markets, see a list of the overall markets biggest market gainers and losers, volume leaders, stock bids/offer spreads, and advance notice of results.

Company Annual Reports
FREE access to Company Annual reports helping you to look at the leadership & vision of companies before you make an investment decision. review their business model, products, services and customers. Request FREE reports from over 1,350 listed companies.

Forward Diary
Keep up to date with forthcoming UK and US stock announcement dates, as well as Worldwide economic events. Daily lists of UK stock interims results, finals, AGMs, EGM, trading statements and key UK economic statements. Also US stock and economic diary as well as key worldwide indicators.

Futures / FX:
Ever wanted to see what goes on with the world of futures, here's your chance to see the main futures prices including US indices, foreign exchange, gold, oil etc (delayed 15 minutes).

Investors Room Bulletin Board
Your chance to exchange views in our Investors Room, the heart of our community. Look, listen, learn and contribute

Traders Room Bulletin Board
Meet the serious and active traders. Look, listen and learn as they ply their trade

Real time stock alerts
We will alert you by email whenever a price breaks up or down, or if it moves through a stop or trailing stop.

Worldwide Indices
View major worldwide indices covering the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Oceania. (all delayed 15 minute).

Premium Market Scan Tools
Breakups and breakdowns, company fundamental tables, trades analysis and constant gainers and losers(1,2,3,4 & 5 day).
Profit and Loss Account (5 yr)
See all the latest information on the company's profit on the sale of their goods or the provision of their service over a trading period.
Balance Sheet
See what the company owns (it's assets), what it owes (it's liabilities), and the value of the business to it's shareholders (the shareholders' equity).
Cash Flow Statement (5 yr)
Analyse the actual level of cash flowing into and out of the business.
Ratios (5 yr)
Over 40 key company ratios providing an insight into every financial element of the company.
Dividends (5 yr)
5 year dividend information with key dividend ratios.
Director Dealings
All directors deals, including taking up of options, sale of options, activity by the directors employee share ownership scheme etc.
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